pushing purple flesh upon the vagrants and the wealthy

the zodiac spins helpless as the favored limbs are laughing

doddering marmaladed chins ride helpless truth out from me

winter fires falling from the wires always disconnecting

holy idol, rimmed with gold convictions
when we worship only contradictions

holy idol
holy idol

our sickly minds send their feeble curses garbled in the melting

stale and forgotten emptiness on the backs of slavish kingdoms

chosen hatred in the time of dying, this love just is not worthy

winter fires falling from the wires always representing

holy idol
holy idol

forced on these sovereign days
fled back to our contradictory ways

holy idol
holy idol


One thought on “Contradictions

  1. nilscript says:

    NOT ENOUGH POSTING here so I decided to post some feverish fragments. People working on long-form stuff now or just giving up on writing krew? I THINK NOT.

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