Sea of Glass

Well, how do you say, dear old diary. Jin’s gone crazy and my phone finally ran out. I think I will practice my English one last time on this notepad of stupid. I sat and worried about my mother and my father long enough. That was the bad farewell I ever had. Kind of like parting with a dying person, but not wanting to say it.

I’m not sure yet if we are going to die or what. But they didn’t want to curse things. By saying it out of loud. I guess that is why I write in English. It feels less clear. Less real?

Don’t worry, dear old reader. I’m not giving up or any thing. But there were people who happened to be put in the cube with drills and hammers around. I watched them try, before my phone ran out. And it is clear (ha ha ha good joke huh) that this isn’t really glass we are all stuck on the in side. It does not break. It does not move. I don’t have my any tools. So I bashed it with flashlight. All that did was break flashlight. At least emergency light are still on to write.

I sat here for a while in weird silence just now. I don’t know how long. Jin was going kind of nuts. That is how they say in America, I think. Nuts. I had to turn the walky off. I could not bear hear him screech any more. And banging off the sides of his windows. But now he calm down some. I can barely see his cube glass way over there on the other aside of the floor, but it sounds quiet now. If I try, I can pretend that I am not stuck in a weird set up windows.

I am feeling fortunate to work second shift, when this weird time happened. It could be much bad. Badder? Very bad. Before my phone ran out, I watched videos the people posted. The people were posting all over, not-stop, videos of what happened.

The car wrecks were scary, because the glass cubes just appeared in midair and parted out the cars into parts. The front part went off into middle distance, and if car too fast… Well, it very bad. Lots of red parts. Lots of dying.

In city with slow traffic, though, it look very funny actually. Just a whole bunch of people lined up in a rows. And angry. Like a… how do you say in English. With cage and animals all trapped together. At least I am here in peace. Just with Jin away far on the other wall.

At first, watching Weibo, everybody was scared of no air. “Running out” and I don’t know the English word for it. When you can’t breathe any more and you die. But the glass is let air through just fine. I don’t know how. It let air through, but not flashlight. Or drill. Or any thing useful. Damn it.

Hang on, Jin is talking on the walky. And he is the sound of more normal.

Ha ha ha. That took a long time. I had to convince Jin that down digging does not work. I watched some videos of that too. Before stupid phone ran out. May be wasted battery, damn.

But any way. Down dig does not work because of glass underneath floor, just can’t see. Jin almost calm, but then crazy soon. He think he can break up with some of the factory equipment. And then bash the floor. I tell him, no, it is cement floor anyway. With bad glass underneath.

Anyway I was talking about the scary videos. At least I have all my arms and legs. I get to die from no food instead. Damn it.

The sun is starting to rise. So it has been at least 10 hours, before I come to work. I would have been home but a sleep by now. Alone in my bed, but at least not cut from a lover by a weird glass window. Or missing an arm or what not. I give thanks for all arms.

But any way. Arm and hand is tired from all this writing. I am going to take a break. It is weird to think if I die, last thing is me sad about arm and hand. Ha ha ha.


Ha ha! Damn it! I am just very lucky. I had to do pissing, and I was scared to have save it to drink.

But I touch window. May be sun put dew water inside? There is water on the inside. I lick water, not so thirsty now. I can do pissing if I can find a place. But that is rude and I will not write it here.

Oh! I need to tell Jin about window water.

I am very very tired. Jin and I talk for long time. I think he was better. But some thing I say make it worse. Now he howl like wolf. Yell like demon.

Battery in walky will not die. Damn it. I have to take battery out.

There. Now I hear him from across room. Sun is below around, so I can pretend he is a wolf and I am in the desert.

If I was smart like movies, I would plug phone into walky. Somehow use its power and call to my mother.

Lucky chair to no sleep on floor. I have to sleep.

Now it is the second morning. For while last night, I could hear Jin howls down the room, but he finally shut up. I was even able to get a sleep.

It’s really, really quiet in here during day. So quiet. Usually filled with workers. Now they are all in windows. Like me. Damn it.

I don’t know why I am so focused on that part. That part of the quiet. I think I going crazy with no food. And no people. But Jin is people… kind of people. But he is full nuts now.

Time to sit in quiet. I will hold the foot of the Buddha in a moment. I do not know how you say this in English. I hold the foot of the Buddha, right now.

After I sit and watch sun squares move over floor, I write a poem. Here I try to put English. Damn it, this is very hard.

Seven up, eight down;
the tiger cannot understand
why he is only
one hair among the nine animals.
Left alone, he
breaks with vigor;
he cannot repair the cage
after the sheep is dead.


OK. Very strange time. I try to translate more of poem but I hear Jin laughing loud. And I hear other voices! See something moving. Too far to see. I flip walky on, and I start yelling like demon to Jin like he do before to me.

“What is happening?!” I yell. “Damn it Jin, what is happening?!”

Finally the walky clicks over. Jin says, “We’re saved! I mean, uhh, I think so. Right guys? These weird metal objects (I don’t know English word here) came and let me out.”

Then there was a pause, I could not hear.

Jin voice again. “They said they were the Keepers. That’s what you said, right? Hey wait what are you–” and that was the last I hear.

I ask Jin repeatedly, “Are you okay?”

Nothing. Damn it.

A weird stumping noise is working its way to me, over the floor.

I am scared, but I will eat any scare over starving silence.