These are more hints than guidelines.

The General Idea

  1. You can post whatever you want. Some ideas:
    • Fiction
    • Opinions
    • Dreams
    • Letters
    • Prose
    • Poetry
    • Words in any sequence, generated by any means
    • Art or any other creative impulse if you feel compelled
  2. You should try to post one thing a week:
    • Holy crap have we not managed to keep up with this idea. Post whenever you feel like it, or when someone (usually Dan) asks you if you’ve written anything lately!
    • The idea is to force yourself to write, and if you are anonymous, you will have to hold yourself accountable or find a buddy in the group to guilt you into it.
  3. You can invite whoever you want. Just send them this page and the main login info.

Names Are Power

  1. You can stay anonymous by posting in the Anonymous category.
  2. If you prefer to be named, you can post with a category of your name or simply tack on a – YOUR_NAME_HERE. Whatever!
  3. If you figure out who wrote an anonymous post, keep it to yourself, kid!
  4. Same name plan goes for comments.
  5. If you don’t want any comments on your post, uncheck the “Discussion” checkboxes at the bottom of the Add New Post page.
  6. Don’t edit posts unless they are yours. Common unternet courtesy!

But feel free to edit THIS post all you like.




prose a week

here’s the big idea.

we each (try to) write something every week. the something could be a short story, an essay, a dissertation, software, math, an opinion, poetry, prose, or anything remotely entertaining, interesting, or bearing some resemblence to the written word.

we can publish any time we’d like, but, we could shoot for Monday’s by midnight to give us something entertaining to look forward to on Monday nights.

people can post anonymously or tag the post with their name or code name.

keep in mind that you don’t have to refine your post before you publish it. most, if not all, of this stuff will be unedited and in rough form.

enjoy …